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Hour of Power with DOMO’s CMO Heather Deason Zynczak

Wednesday, October 22 4:00 pm




“I had the opportunity to not only be a member of the Utah AMA but also serve on the leadership board. I didn’t know what to expect from the AMA but shortly after joining I was very impressed by the value it provided. It offered opportunities for me to learn a wide array of marketing best practices, engage with my community and above all fostered an environment for networking with my peers. ”

Krysta G.

“Back in May 2011 I joined the AMA Utah Chapter while I was still an intern for a company, with the goal to network with Marketing Professionals and hopefully find a career in digital marketing. I really didn’t know what to expect or what would come of this decision to join, what I gained was more than I ever expected. I can honestly say that the small membership fee investment I made, along with the time I volunteered has been the next best investment in time and money I made after graduating college. From this experience I made connections that opened doors for me to get into my dream career, and which led to where I am today.”


Gerrard C.

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